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Welcome to FuzziBunz® One Size Rewards!
A Rewarding Way to get a super deal just by trying a great diaper. Buy any 9 One Size FuzziBunz diapers and earn $40 in Free FuzziBunz Product.
Illustration: 9 FuzziBunz with volume discount = $166.50 - $40.00 in free product = $14.05 per diaper!!!!
Great way to get your friends pooled together to make a purchase and get hooked – share the Bonus Rewards amongst friends.
How it Works:
Buy 9 FuzziBunz One Size Diapers
Return to and fill out the “Redeem Rewards” form and choose your Product Rewards.
Print out form and mail in to FuzziBunz Rewards Program with your proof of purchase (must have proof of purchase dated between 9/10/2009 and 12/31/2009. Rewards forms can be turned in up to 4/15/2010.
Product Rewards Products: Extra packs of inserts, changing pads, diaper totes, nursing pads, Daisy Print diapers, XS Diapers, Hanging Diaper Pails and other accessory items made by FuzziBunz.
Simply return to your favorite retailer, purchase 9 FuzziBunz One Size Diapers and follow the instructions on the FuzziBunz website to redeem.
All 9 FuzziBunz do not have to be purchased from the same retailer – only purchased within the given dates. Retailer need not be “participating” in the Bonus Rewards program to qualify for the Rewards – only a proof of purchase from that retailer provided by you. Keep your Receipt!
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